Thursday, October 18, 2007


Before the major home improvement/sweat equity projects begin, we have all been working on a few other projects.

Jason and Dad, and me a little bit, have made some major progress on the deck on the new house. It is made out of Trex and was a little interesting to get used to this new material. We ended up getting a new, corded drill and major saw blade for experience. Fortunately, it is turning out amazing. It is super solid and we are thrilled that building the deck is the last bit of work we will ever do on it. Yay for no maintenance materials. I think we are going to end up loving the deck more than we thought.
Laura has been working on a Halloween project with Grandma. She has made all sorts of fun art projects that are hanging from the kitchen chandelier. Here she is showing them off.
I worked on a sewing project. I made a new carseat cover for Sara. I was very glad that I had made a pattern for this project the last time I figured it out. That pattern and my newly found confidence with my sewing machine helped me go much faster with this project that I anticipated. The old cover (from the days of Laura) got stain on it while we were working on the deck and is now dubbed the "messy" carseat cover. I also made an identical cover for Karyn's baby Clara that will be coming in December. I am afraid the green will give me the "boy" comments from strangers, but I think it is just darling with the fleece and hot pink. What do you think?
Sara's project is the same as always. She is working on growing. She loves eating her solids now and is having three meals a day...always in the bathroom. Yep, the kid has to eat lying on her changing pad in the bathroom. It's totally bizarre, but she eats like a champ in there and screams if she eats sitting up in the kitchen. So, we feed her in the bathroom.


  1. All good progress! I agree you'll enjoy the 'no maintenance' of the the trex deck - I had one and it's cool.

    It's been several weeks since we've seen you, hope it's not several more...

  2. I like the green car seat cover. I would think with the print it would look girly, but you never know with the men. That is so funny that she only wants to eat in the bathroom. I'm intrested in the Deck. Our wood looks terrible, and I really think it needs to be replaced with something sturdier, and with less maintenance.