Friday, October 26, 2007


The sweat equity has begun. It is wonderful to finally be at this point (Please oh Please let us get into our house soon!) but we sure are exhausted. It began with the tile. After three nights of work, we have all the backerboard (except for two pieces in the master bath that are not yet framed out) installed.

Jason's dad has been a HUGE help to us during the installation. He has spent three nights with us at the house and is quite a whiz with power tools. Thanks, Dad!
We have done tons of hauling. Thank you to my Mom and Dad for watching the girls at night and during the day as well as lending us the trailer over and over. We hauled in a ton (literally, 2000 lbs) of travertine for our bathrooms and carried in all the backerboard. I know that we'll love it when it's all done, but man, my arms hurt now.
As a status update, all the drywall is in and textured. The garage door has been installed. They are finishing up finish carpentry today (well, they've promised and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it actually hapens) and we should be able to paint tonight. Seeing things like doors, mouldings, etc. makes me believe that we may actually live in our house someday.

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  1. Wow, you sure have your work cut out for you. But glad to see it coming along (you more so, I'm sure). Good luck and let us know what we can do to help. Mike can paint!!!