Saturday, October 13, 2007

Field Trip -- Halloween and Farm

Because it was UEA and Laura didn't have her other preschool, Karyn and I took the kids for a field trip to Hee Haw. We took them to a Corn Maze that had lots of kid activities. We didn't do the Corn Maze, but we had a grand time in the little courtyard. There were lots of animals for the kids to look at. The HUGE pig was disgustingly fascinating, but I like this picture of all of them with the Turkeys the most.
There were also lots of fun activities. Laura loved the animal train and went on it at least 4 times. She also jumped on a hay trampoline (super fun), went down a big slide (where she tried her best to pretend that it didn't scare her), played in a Corn Box (think sand, but with Corn), rode on pedal carts (well, was pushed and tried her best to pedal), went in a haunted house (where she remembered her skills from Disney's Haunted Mansion and scared all the scary things).
However, Laura's absolute favorite thing was "the pony ride, of course!" I was so impressed how she just hopped up and rode without any fear. She patted the pony; chatted up the girl leading the pony and wore a huge grin the entire time.
We spent a little more than two hours there and had a great time with almost no trauma. Lovely Sara spent most of the time asleep...bless her. The only trauma came in the last 15 minutes when Sara filled her pants and I discovered the binky and strap were missing (never to be found). But, all in all, it was a GRAND time and it was a great intro to our new preschool themes of farms and Halloween.

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  1. It looks like fun!!! I wish we could have made it. Maybe we will have to go as a family.