Saturday, October 13, 2007

Welcome Home, Aysha

We finally got to meet our newest neice/cousin last night. Beautiful Aysha is finally home from the hospital. The poor thing had a rough start and spent a little over a week in the NICU with pneumonia. But, thanks to a strong Mommy (Go, Keri, Go!) she sure is thriving now. Doesn't she just look so peaceful and happy to be home?!
We were thrilled to get to meet her and can hardly believe that only 4 months ago, huge Sara was as tiny as little Aysha is now.
Laura enjoyed playing with her cousin Emmy. Doesn't it just rule that Keri's family has two little girls each only 4 months apart from our little girls?! They will have a grand time growing up together and playing...even if Emmy wasn't thrilled about hugging Laura goodbye.
I was glad to finally give Keri the baby gift I had made for her. (The whole thing had to be homemade because what else can you give someone for their fourth girl.) I finally learned to make those adjustable bows and had to include one of those. And, FYI, silver thread does not show up on pink, brown it is and I think it turned out almost as cute.

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  1. Look at you getting so crafty!! Cute gift!!!