Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Super Sara

I realized that most of the posts lately have been about Laura and her goings on. So, here is some info about Sara. She has gotten wonderfully interactive. She loves to smile and laugh. Her laugh is adorable; it sounds like a cough with a little noise behind it. She also tries her best to talk and loves making sounds like: Gee, Agoo, and I swear she says Mama.

She loves to play with her sister. And now that Sara is so much more fun, Laura loves to do more with Sara as well. Laura instructs her about all the things she is learning. She also dresses them up to look the same.

Sara is growing up beautifully. She has started on some solids in order to give me some relief. She really enjoys pears and bananas and will take rice cereal as long as it is laced with pears or bananas. She is super long and I'm afraid she's going to have to go up another size to 6-9 month clothes. Also, Sara is HEAVY. As of last week, she weighs 15 lbs 13 oz.


  1. Super cute pictures of the girls. I love that Laura dresses them to look the same. So cute!!!

  2. I love the "mush" face. She's such a cute little thing!