Thursday, October 18, 2007

Preschool Outline - Kk and Farm Animals

The hit of this week was the new song for the months of the year. Laura has been singing it in the car all week since. Also, I have to note how much the girls are learning. They are really getting great at their numbers; they are making very few mistakes and just getting faster and faster.


Show and Tell
Pledge of Allegiance
Recite the days of the week
Recite the months of the year – sing new song with the first 6 months of the year


Tracer page
Write letter Kk and review letter Jj without tracer pages
Read Book “Kiss Goodnight”
Treat of Kit Kats

MATH – Counting and recognition

Count to 30 together
Flashcards of Numbers 1 – 20: recognition, put them in order
Number 1 worksheets and writing

THEME – Farm Animals

Movement and Music
Charades of Farm Animals
Sing “Old McDonald Had a Farm”
Instruction -- What the animals on a farm do for us:
Cow: Meat and Milk (yogurt, cheese, etc)
Chicken: Meat and Eggs (cakes. Bread, etc)
Pigs, Goats, etc
Make a picture of the animals on a farm using stickers

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