Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday Specials

Laura got to participate in her very first Primary Program this Sunday. It was awesome that we finally got to be some of the proud parents watching their kid in the Primary Program. And though she is so short that we could only catch small glimpses of her, she seemed to be a great singer and knew all the words to the songs in the program. She also showed off her picture of her family and said her line, “My family can follow Jesus by listening to the prophet” very clearly and well.
That morning before the Primary Program was the very first big snow of the season here. Laura has been looking forward to making a "snowgirl" with grandpa for ages now, so he indulged her and out they went.
We think the "snowgirl" turned out wonderfully. Though, by the time we got home from church; in the sun she melted.

She also loved making snow angels, rolling snowballs and just running in the snow.
Laura met up with some other friends and made an actual snowman as well. She had a great time and was outside for over an hour. It was straight to a warm bath and "warm" chocolate with her when she got in.

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  1. Looks like fun. Ashton snuck out, but we promptly called him back in. It looks like we should have let him play and have fun.

    Great snowgirl Laura!!