Sunday, February 03, 2008

Coke Kitchen

We decided to continue the Coke Kitchen in this house as well. But now it looks all grown up. (Just like us...kinda.) We've had a Coke Kitchen since the moment we got married because both Jason and I independently had Coke stuff we brought into the marriage and merged it in the kitchen. Check out how we used much of it on the cabinets. (Thank you, Mom, for your advice and getting us going on these.)

The dining nook turned out significantly better than I expected. I was thrilled to discover that the curtains I made for the old house fit here as well. The runner on the new table and all the old tin signs just work perfectly. Now we can start having people over for dinner.

The only remaining items here in the kitchen are the backordered (until March, oddly) barstools, decorating the tops of the two huge end cabinets, and installing the third pendant light. Not too bad!


  1. You made significant improvements since I was there on Saturday night. Wow. I didn't notice the table when I picked you up. I like it.

  2. Progress. YAY!! I can't believe how good the Coke stuff looks in the kitchen. I didn't expect it to look as good in the new house as it did in the old because our kitchen is nicer. But I actually think it looks better. Go figure.

    And Melinda's curtains really make that dining nook. I was thrilled when she told me they still fit. And a nice job on arranging the wall of tins, too Lover!!!

  3. Hey...the house looks great! It is the little personal touches that make a house a home! Great job! Love, Mom