Friday, February 01, 2008

Faces of Sara

I have been experimenting with my new camera today. Thank you, my Jason for my early Valentine's present. I love it and you so know me so well! (And thank you to Steph for helping him select the perfect camera.) Since Laura was off playing with Grandma, Grandpa and Kiki, Miss Sara was my subject. I think I caught almost all of her moods - and hairdos. Check out this adorable baby!

Laughing ... the true belly laugh

Standby ... when nothing else is going on

Laura's Smile ... she gives this smile to Laura, only Laura, when Laura plays with her


Stoic ... what is that baby thinking?!


Whatcha Doin'?! ... usually with a babble

Half Smile ... I think this also means content, but she doesn't say


Snuggly ... this girl loves affection and it shows


  1. What a darling darling baby. How did you have such a chubby baby? I just want to pinch those cute cheeks. I only make chubby babies..even when they are 8 weeks early they are still chubbers!! You are the best mom. I can't believe how much Laura has grown up!!!!!!

  2. You did such an amazing job capturing the may faces of the Sa-Sa! Nice job, Lover! And I love the new camera. I had no idea that it could take those kinds of pictures. Nice work getting it figured out so fast!!!

  3. Oh, I hope that you love your new camera as much as I love mine. It's so much easier to take pictures of Creed with such a fast camera and you caught some amazing pictures of Sara. She is just adorable.

    I'm glad you like the fairy door too. I'm jealous that we're not headed to Disneyland too!